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Vis the Spoon

Vis the Spoon

For years, Vis the Spoon has been a jobbing Rock’n’Roll compere & ad-lib punk  raconteur of some infamy – frontman of many awkwardly unpigeonholeabale and consequently unsuccessful punk-ish bands, and host of hundreds of gigs & open-mic nights – and general gob-shite about town. 



He now presents his weekly live Dr Calamari radio show every Thursday from 7.30pm on

It’s a journey through quality post-punk, twisted-psych, krauty electro-funk, quirky pop & alt-hip-hop, while Vis and co-host (&coke’n’spirit’er) Black Haddock babble relentlessly & ponderously between tracks about everything & nothing in particular. Like John Peel, Danny Baker, RadMac and Saint & Greavsie all rolled into one, it’s not your average show.


Vis has in his time kept his gob shut & spun seamless eclectic mixes as DJ Random Panik. In this guise he produced 50+ shows for hspark as the Meander Loop & Meander Loop Xpress.