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Martin Chandler

Martin Chandler

Martin Chandler, a Design Teacher for some 40 years, now a consultant in Curriculum matters and Heath and Safety, but have much more fun producing radio shows for Hs- park Radio. Interviews and “Guitar Shows are prerecorded but host a live show in the early evening during the week and in the morning at weekends. I have a wide taste of music and try to keep up-to-date but really a Rock fan!

I try to make my daily shows community based, looking at what is going on in Highams Park and surrounding areas. I want to create live chat, news and music shows with some of the amazing people around the neighbourhood.

My shows are called “#Do I Know You” to encourage people of all ages, races, and genders to break down barriers and to learn to understand each other! We will only do that by communicating and being tolerant. I want Highams Park to work as a caring community using everyones strengths to the benefit of everyone.

#Do I Know You? Come and join me!