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Gail Thibert

Gail Thibert

My background is varied- I studied art and costume making but then became a professional tarot reader and psychic. In between doing sewing and consulting the cards, I joined various punk bands and made records- most notable were the Lost Cherrees, the Pukes and Flowers in the Dustbin. Two years ago my first book was published- “ soap the stamps, jump the tube” which is an autobiography on my youth aged 18 to 30 living in various squats and dodgy bedsits and trying to scrape a living together making sandwiches and tormenting toys amongst other things.


My Soap the Stamps Show is about that era of punk- 1980s , a bit before too, until modern day and I interview people with a connection to that era and play their music choices, musicians, tattooists etc with their stories to tell.

My Mediumwave Show embraces all that is psychic, esoteric and interesting, looking at the paranormal from the people who are involved in that industry. Again lively interviews punctuated with playlists from the guests and lots of fun and hair raising stories.