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Desen and Vicky

Desen and Vicky

We are two very best friends. We are very close just like sisters; we get on really well and both help each other out whenever it’s needed.
We have known each other since primary school and have been good friends since.

How we got into radio
Desen – I studied media arts at university and found a volunteering radio station to make programs and present live. I had always loved radio since I was a very young child.

Vicky – I got into radio because I wanted to help out my best mate and also to get experience of making radio programmes, to be a producer, and learn how to use the equipment. I am really pleased to be supporting and helping my best mate to make radio programs.

Vicky (Socky) The Producer
I put the shows together for Desen. I sort out the music and the links and all the audio to make it sound good.
I also help my mate write the shows. I try to come up with different ideas for programs. I learnt how to use the program audacity from the radio station I belong to now at hSpark Radio.

Desen The (mad crazy and excitable) Presenter

I am always outgoing, never shy and love talking.
I’ve been told so many times I have the voice for radio presenting because I speak really clear and I am loud.
I also like to make people laugh so I tried to come up with funny things; also myself and my mate sing when we are presenting to make people smile.
I find presenting very easy and really enjoyable.


Our shows are mainly to do with music that we listen to and enjoy.
The R.I.P shows came from the idea that lots of artists have passed away so we thought we make shows and pay respect to them for being amazing artists.
We have made over 13 shows of singers who have sadly passed away.
The cheesy pop shows have come from the idea that we both love cheesy music so we wanted to make cheesy shows.
The cheesy songs are crazy like us and make both of us hyper and very excited. we have more ideas of different shows in the pipeline