What do you think our station should be called?

Hello Listener!

We’ve been thinking about our name and the challenges it can present.

Some people have given feedback on the capitalisation… (why is the S capital?) and the name has appeared in ‘print’ as hspark, HSPARK, Hspark etc. Others have had debates on whether to say “aitch-spark” or “aitch-ess-park” and the less said about “haitch” the better…

The domain is also ‘hspark.co.uk‘ which doesn’t explain it’s a ‘Highams Park’-based station or that it’s even a radio station (you find that out when you arrive, but not necessarily before).

All of the above has brought about our desire to canvas opinion. What do you think our station should be called?

As we begin (hopefully) to see the end of the pandemic, we plan to be loud and proud in 2022. Now is the time for us to make changes, should we wish to, even if that includes changing the name.

So, we’ve set up this ‘Doodle’ poll to see what you think. Simply click on the link and choose your favourite name, even if it’s the current one!

doodle poll

The poll closes on Sunday 19th December, after which, we’ll discuss the results and make a decision.

If you have any other comments/feedback, you can add it to the poll, or just leave a message.

Thanks for helping!